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URS - Start planning with foresight


A methodical account of the project´s objectives and a strategic focus right from the start both help ensure the desired result is ultimately achieved.

This brings together all the project knowledge at the preparation phase and henceforth acts as a benchmark for the duration of the entire project, which is based on clear project objectives, provides information on its specifications and accompanies the project throughout. From the high-level vision up to the details of the design - namely the utilisation, function, area and room requirements, configuration and layout of facilities, budget and time frames.
Furthermore additional basic components include a detailed workflow description, the team building process, and the description of duties and responsibilities of individual team members. It is essential to support those involved from the company of the client that might not have project experience and moreover will be confronted with internal requirements and formalities, such as company guidelines or specifications from the construction side.
The documentation developed through this process, as conducted and moderated by us, henceforth clearly defines the duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled by all involved in the construction process.

By doing this, project results can be constantly measured and compared with the original objectives - something of enormous importance when the objective´s description is continually being changed. And from it emerges a clear schedule of how the project can be successfully undertaken.
In order to achieve this result, a comprehensive method for analysing and developing your project objectives is required. To this aim OPM have refined their existing practices to meet the industry´s specific requirements, and have as a result developed a unique concept: User Requirements Specification - in short, URS. A workshop, which we moderate, serves to verify and collate project objectives based on the knowledge acquired and sets out to meet the challenges of the project.
In addition to moderating, we support you in helping prepare and compile documentation, and also in bringing to the process our expertise in the field of layout and building planning. This enables a seamless transition from the URS to the implementation stage, and thus allows us to define the basis of the project´s orientation as early as when construction and workflows within your project are being organised.
Our experiences with this process - particularly when various strategies or differing company cultures are concerned - have been diverse and are consistently positive.