Expect everything of us


Our comprehensive range of services allows us to cooperatively support our customers throughout the duration of the whole construction process. In effect this means we are able to provide comprehensive advisory services - optimised to the specific requirements of your project - and offer solutions for any issues that may arise, whilst remaining at your side for whenever you may need us.
Once the relevant procedures have been extensively analysed prior to the start of the project, we compile integrated approaches to solutions that are individually customised to address the problems of the respective stage - from technical steering up to operative support. Specialised immersion within the field of process and start-up planning is ongoing in consideration of your objectives and the direction of your project.

User Requirements Specification (URS) Project Management Structural Engineering Layout Development & KVP
Advice on Strategy and Organisation Legal Project Management Start-Up Planning
Strategic Facility Management Interface Management
PM-Software Development

By using our self-developed URS-process to ascertain your user´s requirements, we are able to create the framework requirements for your project´s development together with you, and in doing so we can establish the best strategy for the whole project cycle.